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What is a workplace policy?
A workplace policy is a guide to ensure that various operational matters that come up on a day-today basis are dealt with, by the employer and its employees, in a uniform manner that is consistent with company’s values, culture and industry whilst maintaining compliance with relevant legislation.

Does your company really need Workplace Policies?
Companies need workplace policies, but not all policies.  Many companies make the mistake of implementing policies that place additional obligations on them as employers, which can be more restrictive than empowering.  It is important to consider which policies are relevant to your workplace and whether your business has the resources to implement, monitor compliance and review each policy.

Which policies does my company need?
When you are considering which policies are needed you should first consider current policies that are in place. Most companies have policies and procedures, even if they aren’t written.  A common practice of an employer may be seen as the employer’s ‘policy’ or ‘procedure’.

If the policy is determined by common practice, it is hard to ensure that the employees including management are aware of the policy let alone receive adequate training.  This can make things difficult for managers who want to take disciplinary action (even a warning) against an employee who has not followed company procedures.

In addition to current policies, you should consider matters that are specific to your day-to-day operations – for example a motor vehicle policy if your employees have access to a company vehicle or a workplace surveillance policy if you have a tracking device on company vehicles, cameras at the workplace or monitored computer systems.

Common workplace policies include:-

  • Code of Conduct
  • OH&S policy
  • Internet and Email policy
  • Social Media policy
  • Mobile Telephone policy
  • Grievance policy
  • Disciplinary policy
  • Bullying and Harassment policy
  • Leave policy
  • Motor Vehicle policy
  • Workplace Surveillance policy
  • Working From Home policy
  • Absenteeism policy
  • Conflict of Interest policy
  • Drug and Alcohol policy
  • Leave Without Pay policy
  • Expenses policy

How do I implement a workplace policy?
For the best results, workplace policies should be discussed with the employees to ensure that the guidelines are practical and easily understood.  If the policy is implemented but not followed (by managers or staff) due to impracticality it may as well not exist.

Explain to staff why the policy is being implemented.  Provide a copy of the policy and adequate training to all staff.  Keep a record – ask employees to sign a document confirming that they have received and understand the policy.

Finally, ensure the policy is followed by all staff and reviewed regularly.

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